Matthew Evacuees Fill Up Pensacola Hotels

Holiday Inn Express
This Gulf Shores hotel is packed with hurricane evacuees.

The phones are ringing and customers are check in at area hotels in Pensacola.

Lobbies are full of people who are waiting for hotel reservations.

For Al Brookfield and his wife, they spent 14 hours on the road from Ft. Pierce going from hotel to hotel to escape Matthew.

“We thought it best we leave, I look for hotels Thursday morning and we couldn’t find a hotel, available all the way up until I found one in Pensacola, ” says Brookfield

He isn’t the only one in that situation.

“They just need somewhere they need somewhere safe to stay, they have been driving they are tired, they are stressed,” says Quality Inn Office Manager Toni Guthrie.

Looking for somewhere to stay has turned to full rooms and no vacancy for hotels.

“We were sold out in less than 24 hours, completely sold out,” says Guthrie.

“It has been completely busy — phone calls all day — I have a list of 23 people who need rooms,” says Hampton Inn & Suites General Manager Marie Watson.

For Jenny and Louis Villamar who evacuated from Kissimee Florida well ahead of the storm, they are still waiting for a room.

“We left a day before so we didn’t run into any traffic, so we beat it to the punch, but we still had trouble finding a hotel,” says Villamar.

But hotel management says they are ready to serve those who have been displaced.

“We are just trying to help everybody out as much as we can,” says Watson.

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