City Council To Hold Community Meeting As Part of Initiative

The Mobile City Council will hold a meeting for the public at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 1 at the Harmon Recreation Center in District 2 as part of the ‘Council in Community’ initiative. The meeting will give citizens a chance to attend a council meeting and express their concerns with members of the Council and key city staff.

“As a result of work or family commitments, attending a regular council meeting for most of our citizens is not an option,” said Council President Gina Gregory. “This gives citizens the opportunity to attend a meeting and us a chance to gain a better understanding of the areas outside our own Districts and specific issues or challenges they may face.”

Meetings have already been held at B.C. Rain High School in District 3, W.P. Davidson High School in District 5 and the Mobile Museum of Art in District 7.

These meetings are held in place of the Council’s weekly Tuesday morning meetings. Throughout the year, the Council will visit the remaining Districts. Citizens will get to meet with members of the Council and staff before and after the meeting.


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