ACTS Program Seeks Community Contributions To Expand Facility, Services

A building sits on the corner of North Pace Boulevard and West Jordan Street.  It’s the Another Chance Transitional Services, or ACTS.  The non-profit helps formerly incarcerated people get back on their feet with help finding jobs and counseling services.  The organization that has helped so many now asks the community for help.

Since 2013, more than 300 people have been helped at ACTS.  Groups meet and listen to testimonies from people who had turned their lives around.

ACTS Volunteer Serick Stromas believes helping with the job hunt can change a person’s whole demeanor.

“The ACTS center being able to help them get a job — you know, it makes a difference” Stromas said. “They come in here smiling.”
The facility isn’t anything fancy.  Aside from the classroom exists one other room, which contains a few computers the clients use for their job hunts.


Recently, ACTS was given a chance to do something not many young non-profits can do.

The owners of the building gave them a chance to purchase the facility outright, including a warehouse they plan to convert to a DREAM center for $50,000.

“I haven’t gotten nervous yet. I believe what God has for you, it’s for you,” said Bishop Leon Rankins.  “But I also believe, and we’re hoping someone will hear our story and will be moved in their heart to help us in any way they can.”

Acquiring the facility would mean a lot of things for ACTS.  They’d be able to get more people in the door, put more people in jobs, and continue to provide for the community.dream

“Men and women who come [here] are addicted to drugs, [or] were homeless [or] didn’t have a job… Not only has their hope been restored, their faith has been restored, but they have gotten off drugs, [and] they are now working,” Rankins said.

ACTS has $40,000 left until they reach their goal. Despite an upcoming Nov. 30 deadline, they’re not giving up.

“I have the faith to believe we will have the money we need for the property,” Rankins said.  “The bible says you have not because you ask not, and I’m making this appeal to the community now.”

To donate to the center, you can click here.  If you’d like, you can also stop in the center and donate in person. Rankins said no donation is too small.

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