Prichard’s New Mayor: Gardner Wins Run-off

Prichard has a new mayor. The city former Police chief Jimmie Gardner defeated the man who fired him four years ago in a run-off election.

“I think we just have to just continue to work hard and lay out a real plan and execute that plan and create results for the city that they see,” said Gardner after the results came in.

Troy Ephriam conceded the election Tuesday night, wishing his successor well.

“I think at the end of the day the decision was made to go in a different direction than the one we were taking it,” said Ephriam. “I love this city and I don’t want to see this city lose the forward progress that we have established for it. I wish him well I commend him on the race.”

Initial results showed Gardner picking up 2,387 votes to Ephriam’s 1,721.

Gardner says improving the police operations will be his first order of business

“Public safety is at the top of the list and will remain at the top of the list until we get it fixed. We have got to look at the budget and streamline some things and look at getting the men and women salaries up to a point that is competitive with our other sister cities,” said Gardner.

If the results hold, once the election is confirmed, Gardner will take office November 7.

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