Polls Open in Prichard for Runoff Elections

The City of Prichard will head to the polls today to decide the winner in the run-off elections for the Mayor and District 4 City Council seats.

The mayoral vote in the general election back in August was a close race between incumbent Troy Ephriam and challenger Jimmy Gardner.

The race has garnered more interest over the past two weeks with the unrest at the Prichard Police Department. Several officers were calling in sick, as part of a “blue flu” display, in order to get pay raises for officers. Officers have returned to work, and talks of a pay raise are being debated at city council. At the time, Mayor Ephriam called the move “political” because of Jimmy Gardner’s ties to the Prichard Police Department. He was once the Prichard Police Chief before he was let go by Mayor Ephriam.

Voters will also decide the race between George McCall Jr. and Samantha Richardson for the District 4 City Council seat.

Polls in Prichard will be open until 7 p.m. Tuesday night and there are six polling locations open:

  • District 1: Collins-Rhodes Elementary School, 5110 St. Stephens Road, Eight Mile, Alabama 36613
  • District 2-1: Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, 505 Mt. Calvary Avenue, Prichard, Alabama 36610 (Use this location if you reside South of the Centerline of N. Wasson Avenue)
  • District 2-2: College Park Baptist Church, 5860 College Parkway, Eight Mile, Alabama 36613 (Use this location if you reside North of the Centerline of N. Wasson Avenue)
  • District 3: Vigor High School, 913 N. Wilson Avenue, Prichard, Alabama 36610
  • District 4: Sunlight District Auditorium, 809 Seminary Street, Prichard, Alabama 36610
  • District 5: Whistler Fire Department, 3638 W. Main Street, Prichard, Alabama 36610

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