Municipal Election Runoff Results

Municipal election results are in for many races in Southwest Alabama.

Mayoral Race
Jimmie Gardner defeats incumbent mayor Troy Ephriam.
Gardner: 2387 votes
Ephriam: 1721 votes

District 4 Seat
Samantha Richardson: 448 votes
George E. McCall Jr.: 396 votes

Satsuma has a new unofficial mayor tonight. He is Tom Williams.
Tom Williams: 793 votes
Mark Barlow: 718 votes
Now these are unofficial results because there are still 7 provisional votes that will be counted next week, but with Williams’s 75 vote lead the results should hold.

District 2
Pat Rudicell has been re-elected. He held off challenger Larry Chason by 50 votes.
Rudicell: 324 votes
Chason: 274 votes

District Four
Doug Goodlin unseated incumbent Randy Fry by 54 votes.
Goodlin: 259 votes
Fry: 205 votes

Voters in Place Three have spoken. They decided it’s time for a change.  James “Jimmy” Reid Conyers Jr. has been elected over incumbent Diana Brewer.
Conyers Jr: 1791 votes, 66.04%
Brewer: 921 votes, 33.96%

District 1: Danliegh Corbett defeats Mark Daniel.
Corbett: 107 votes, 51%
Daniel: 101 votes, 49%

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