Maritime Job Fair Happening Tuesday

People looking for high-paying jobs in the maritime and shipbuilding industry should register for a job fair scheduled for today October 4 in Mobile. The Alabama Department of Labor is hosting the job fair at Bishop State Community College.

The state is working with community colleges and local governments to encourage job seekers to take advantage of free training opportunities. The training is needed to land open positions as welders, pipe-fitters, electricians, and carpenters.water jobs 4 These jobs can range from $17 an hour to $42 dollars an hour.

Free classes are offered through the Alabama Career Center and the Alabama Industrial Development Training center in Mobile. These classes give workers more training in the maritime field and help them land high-skilled jobs. The training classes are usually held at different times during the day and evening. This helps people who may be working other jobs.

Here’s the information job seekers need in order to get a headstart for the October 4 job fair:

Bishop State Community College – Yvonne Kennedy Auditorium

1365 Dr. MLK Jr. Ave.

Mobile, Alabama 36603

Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Pre-registration is important for this event. It will save you time. Just click here and follow the quick registration steps. This will allow people to get inside the job fair without having to wait in line to register that morning.

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