Looking for Work in Maritime Industry

Mobile, AL (WKRG)
It’s always a challenge looking for work. Several men and women were doing just that at Bishop State Community College in Mobile. 974 people attended a big job fair. The Alabama Department of Labor was looking to put job seekers in touch with employers so people could get jobs in the maritime industry.

“Maritime in this area it’s one of the industries for the gulf coast area and for the Mobile metropolitan area so there are hundreds of jobs available in this industry we expect to have more than 1,800 jobs available just with the companies that are participating,” said Alabama Department of Labor Spokesman Tara Hutchison. They were looking for people with various levels of experience to fill a lot of different roles.

“You have joiners, pipe fitters, welders and you can also look at the back side of it, the clerical, the IT positions, employee relations so it’s a broad spectrum,” said Alabama Career Center Site Manager Derek Turner.

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