Baldwin County Drug Wars, Never Ending Battle

Baldwin County Drug Wars
Guns, methamphetamine and tools of the trade displayed after arrest.

Drugs, guns, tools of the drug trade and now off the streets in Baldwin County.

September was a good month in the drug war. There were five “significant” cases that put more than a dozen people behind bars. The latest, in the shadow of a church in the Clear Springs community.


A search of a property off Highway 112 resulted in three arrests for trafficking in methamphetamine. Two more drug arrests were made at that same location but it’s not just a county fight.

img_0573 img_0574

“I don’t think there is any community in here that hasn’t had an issue with all of the drugs that you see depicted here today,” says Gulf Shores Police Chief Ed Delmore.


Heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine are currently the most popular drugs and responsible for the majority of the 525 inmates in the Baldwin County jail. “Two-thirds of those either have pending drug charges, past drug charges or a current crime was linked to drug activity,” says Sheriff Hoss Mack.

The war on drugs will most likely never be won. “We know the drugs on the table will not be consumed. We know the guns that are on the table will not hurt anybody else,” so law enforcement will keep fighting.

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