Arrest Report Reveals Possible Motive in Brother Stabbing that Turns Deadly

15-Year old Denzel Williams is accused of stabbing, killing older brother

We looked into the arrest report of 15-year-old Denzel Williams.

“We had one person lying on the floor in a pool of blood, and another person standing over him,” says Lt. Stephen Bauer.

According to the report, it all stemmed from the teens’ mother trying to discipline another child about sneaking out of the house. According to the report, Denzel disagreed with the punishment.

The report also reveals Denzel’s brother, 19-year-old Malik Williams, was holding that child down while the mother spanked the child.

An argument between the brothers erupted and then turned violent.

“During the argument, Denzel stabbed Malik twice, one I believe in the right upper arm, and the other one was what we think was the fatal injury, he was cut in the carotid area and went to the clavicle area,” says Bauer.

The violence unfolded on the front porch of their home on H Street.

Police say Denzel admitted to detectives he stabbed his brother. The reason? Because Malik would not “let him go”.

Denzel Williams now faces first degree murder. His mother now faces losing both sons.

“She has one dead son and another probably going away to prison for the rest of his life,” says Bauer.

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