Waiting For Organ Donation

Saraland, AL (WKRG)
Nearly 120,000 people in the US are waiting for an organ transplant. People in Alabama make up about three percent of the wait list. Janae Jordan helps set up a fundraiser for her husband at the Food For Less in Saraland. It started four years ago when Terrell Jordan had heart surgery. His health deteriorated and eventually doctors told them he needed transplants for a liver and kidneys.

“He does the paracentesis almost on a weekly basis now and without that, he probably would not be able to survive I think that’s one thing that is helping him,” said wife Janae. They’ve started an online fundraising campaign and Saturday’s fundraiser helped them bring in another thousand dollars for care.

“Get a little bit of stability for her, she’s working 50 hours a week plus we need the money for the travel expenses, the lodging,” said Terrell Jordan. It’s also the wait–while doctors have assured them he should get the organs he needs in time it’s not immediate–some estimates put the average wait time at five years.

“Me being his wife, I want him to be well now but we know that can’t happen until he gets the transplants,” said Janae Jordan.

According to the united network for organ sharing, the vast majority people waiting for transplants in Alabama are waiting for kidneys. The family regularly travels to Louisiana for treatment as they wait for a lifesaving donation.  Here’s a link to their fundraising page.

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