AL Chief Justice Roy Moore Guilty of Violating Judicial Ethics

Chief Justice Roy Moore is Chief Justice in name only after being found guilty of violating six canons of judicial ethics.  He was suspended without pay for the rest of his term in office that ends in 2019 and ordered to pay court costs.

“I’m shocked because clearly, the prosecution didn’t meet their burden of proof of clear and convincing evidence that my order of January 6th violated the canons of judicial ethics,” Moore said in a phone conversation with News Five.

That order sent to probate judges across the state ordering them to disregard a U.S. Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage. Moore says the hearing was over before it ever started. “I think it was politically motivated and I think they already had the verdict because the cross-examination didn’t last very long, they presented no witnesses, no affidavits of testimony or any other evidence that would meet a clear and convincing standard.”

He says his team of attorneys is perfecting an appeal and it will be filed immediately. Meanwhile, the suspension without pay presents a personal and professional difficulty.

“I can’t obtain another job because I’m still suspended as Chief Justice and a Chief Justice can’t hold another job and that makes the financial situation more challenging.”

Judge Moore says his focus now is on the appeal and any decision on running for a future political office will be made after the appeals process is complete.

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