What’s Working: Project Serve

Students at the University of Mobile aren’t learning out of a book today. The University cancelled classes so that they could take part in Project Serve. This is a chance for 1300 students and faculty to volunteer at non-profits in the community. The hope is that the students will carry this spirit of volunteerism with them when they graduate. President Tim Smith says, “We want these students to come out of this university understanding that with an academic grade, there is also a process by which we understand what life means. We are here to partner with the community and serve them.”

News 5 caught up with students as they were volunteering at Light of the Village in Prichard. This is an organization that provides activities for underprivileged children. One of the staff members at Light of the Village is University of Mobile graduate, Morgan Carnley. She says her days taking part in Project Serve inspired her to work in the non-profit field. “The University does an excellent job showing there is more to life than working eight to five and making big bucks. I learned true value is what you do for the Lord.”

We also talked to several students who say that they were all excited about the opportunity to help out in the community. Thomas Smyly says,  “It does wonders for what we believe in, which is that we are a Christ-centered university. If we never went outside the bubble, how much would that reflect that.”

To show their commitment to community service, the University of Mobile is moving to a four-day academic week next semester. Fridays will be devoted to giving the students time to do community projects every week.

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