Shooting Suspect Arrested, Facing Murder and Attempted Murder Charges

Suspect in Aquamarine shooting turns himself in to law enforcement.

On Monday, the CW55 reported on a shooting on Aquamarine Avenue in Pensacola, where one person was killed and another was injured.  The suspect who was wanted in that shooting is behind bars after he surrendered himself to law enforcement.  The state attorney spoke about the charges, and if surrendering will impact those charges.

One man killed, another injured.  On Monday, the scene was busy and loud on Aquamarine Avenue, but today the street was quiet, other than a passing car or two.  Neighbors living nearby say they heard the incident occur.

“Yeah, I was standing in the street right there,” said Edward Foster, pointing to a spot in front of the house where we met him.  “We were dribbling the basketball, so I heard some noises, like out of nowhere 4-5 noises. I knew it was gunshots… So I just started walking towards here and told him about it and he runs outside like whats going on and I’im like I don’t know.”

Not long after Foster and a friend heard gunshots, they saw something.  Two people were running away from the direction of the noise.

“They ran that way,” a friend said pointing at the street.  “They hit the back gates, and ran that way and there was like two people running that way and a van drove that way.”


In an arrest warrant we obtained, two witnesses swore under oath, O’Quinn shot the deceased victim first, then began shooting in their direction.  They ran, fearful for their lives. Thursday, the running stopped.  Nicholas Omar O’Quinn turned himself in to law enforcement.  He’s charged with murder, attempted second-degree murder, and two counts of aggravated assault.

“I do not expect that the fact that he turned himself in will provide him with any leniency,” said Bill Eddins, State Attorney.  “The facts and circumstances of the underlying crime are severe and significant and we will not give him any credit for turning himself in.”

Now, prosecutors will have to determine exactly what degree of murder the charge will be.

“If we charge him with second degree, it would carry a maximum penalty of life,” Eddins said.  “If we seek an indictment for first-degree murder, which is certainly possible under these circumstances of this case, he would be facing a mandatory life in prison.”

There is no bail because of the murder charge.  O’Quinn is expected to appear in court Friday morning.

This is just the most recent in a long list of charges O’Quinn has faced in Escambia County.

The first of O’Quinn’s more serious arrests was in November of 2010, for aggravated assault and aggravated battery.  Next, in 2011, he’s charged with smuggling contraband and possession of marijuana.  In February of 2012, he’s charged with battery, and in May 2013, a probation violation.  Then, in September 2015, aggravated assault, contempt of court, and possession of a weapon charges are filed.

“I have reviewed his background, and he does have some serious charges,” Eddins said.  “He also has several charges that are rather routine and misdemeanors, or low-level felonies.   There’s a possibility of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon that could be added at a later time.”

O’Quinn is behind bars at the Escambia County Jail.

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