Foley Pedestrian Bridge Opens to the Public

Downtown Foley
The city's pedestrian bridge is officially open.

The pedestrian bridge in Foley is officially open.

“A great day for Foley. We’ve been waiting a long time for this.” Mayor John Konair joined by city leaders and almost 100 school children made the ceremonial walk across the bridge and what the mayor calls the “great divide” in his city, Highway 59. “This is about safety but it’s also about economic development. This will bridge our city and bring it together and I’m really proud, really proud of it.”


A short walk from one end of the bridge to the other and you are safely across. But the journey to get here took much longer.

Almost two years to be exact, culminating with almost 65 thousand pounds of metal being placed on brick towers spanning the busiest highway in Baldwin County. All captured in this time-lapse video from six weeks ago.


“Infrastructure,” says Konair. “You’ve got to have it first and then things do start to happen.” Like the further revitalization of downtown Foley including new businesses and enhancing old ones. “We’re looking at everything, downtown as a priority.”


The look of the bridge was inspired by the city’s railroad history and was made in Elmira, New York.

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