Demarcus Perdue Faces Attempted Murder Charge

A man from Mobile who police say tried to kill a sheriff’s deputy was in court for a bond hearing today. Demarcus Perdue faces a laundry list of charges including attempted murder. Prosecutors say Perdue was spotted by a sheriff’s deputy after a report of a car-jacking Wednesday morning. He abandoned the car and the deputy chased him on foot. Perdue reportedly pulled a gun and attempted to fire at the deputy, but the gun didn’t go off.

When he was being taken to jail on Wednesday.  He had a lot of things to say to the media in a profanity-laced tirade. “…you know when I do it I do it man—beep—put that on the news…”

 Prosecutors asked for no bond. The judge set Perdue’s bond on all of the charges he’s facing at $277,000 but he will remain in jail.

He was already out on bond and on probation for other crimes when he was arrested.

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