ABC Board Says No Alcohol Sales Outside of Restaurant



An old law that is suddenly being enforced again has folks downtown more than a little upset. But there could be changes coming soon.

If you’ve eaten downtown in the last 24 hours, you’ll have seen the signs. All alcoholic drinks must be purchased inside. Which makes things inconvenient for folks wanting to sit and relax outside.

“I just think it’s awful, I think a lot of people come downtown to enjoy the outdoors and be able to sit on the patios,” says one patron.

“Very inconvenient to me. We wouldn’t do it.”

“It’s going to cause people not to go out, well they’ll go out but they won’t drink as much because they have to get up and go get it yourself, then you have to stand in line usually behind the waiters, you know, your service people,” says Suzanne Julian.


And that could hurt a restaurant’s bottom line. Bob’s Diner is a small establishment downtown. Servers here have to share one register. So if both servers and patrons are lining up to order drinks, it can cause some frustration.

“So they’re having to keep up with multiple tickets for each person now because it can’t be on the same ticket with their food because they have to pay separately so it creates more leg work for them and it creates chaos with our customers,” says server Hannah Taylor.

Mary Monahan at TP Crockmier’s says it’ll turn off tourists as well.

“I think it will. They’ll wonder why we’ve got these crazy laws. They’ll look down on our city, they’ll look down on our state,” says Monahan.

And what about the upcoming 1065 music festival and Beerfest that Mobile hosts every year? There was a conference call this morning with members of the ABC Board.

“Happy to report that will go on as we would like it to,” says Talbot.

And as for the rest of the entertainment district.

“Still working that out, but the ABC Board has indicated that they want to help us find that solution so I think now it’s just a matter of ironing out the details,” says Talbot.

Talbot says we’ll know much more about those possible changes coming early next week.

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