Residents of Azalea Pointe Apartments Want Out


Wednesday night, police arrested 19-year-old Hollis Hubbard, charged in the shooting death of Khiry Rowe September third. Khiry was the maintenance man here at Azalea Pointe Apartments.

“He was a good man, he had four little children. Had something he had to live for,” says Reba Beckham.

Reba Beckham has lived here for three years and remembers talking with Khiry as he was dying.

“He asked us to help him, but we couldn’t help him. So finally the ambulance came and got him. We wished they could have saved him but, they just let him lay there, he laid there for like three hours,” says Beckham.


Khiry is the third person to lose his life here this year alone. In April, 18-year-old Harvey Reed was shot in the chest and died at the hospital. A month later, 35-year-old Daniel Franklin was stabbed to death. His wife was taken into custody; some saying it was self-defense.

We talked with one neighbor who says it’s not so much the people who live in these apartments who are causing the problems, but rather folks from outlying neighborhoods coming into the apartment complex.

“There are a lot of women over there and children and elderly women and so that attracts guys from all over,” says Michael Vaughn.


Michael Vaughn was sitting on his balcony next door at the Cedar Woods Apartments the day Franklin was stabbed, watching him moments after it happened.

“And he got out, went into the breezeway and came back out about 30 minutes later staggering. And he collapsed right in the hallway,” says Vaughn.

Reba Beckham says everyone is trying to move out of the neighborhood.

“Nobody feel safe here. Everybody scared for their life. Half the time, people ride through here, stop through here and just stop. And we be wondering what’s going on, we just go on in the house till they leave on,” says Beckham.

Mobile police officers have responded over 500 times to the Azalea Pointe Apartments so far this year.

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