Arrest In Fatal House Fire


Grand Bay, AL  (WKRG)

Morris Draughn was pronounced dead following a house fire that destroyed his home.  What initially looked like a fire investigation and accident has now turned into a murder investigation.

The wreckage of this home is pretty much unchanged from the way it was three weeks ago when we were last out here.  That all changed this week with the arrest of Donnell Cleveland Wells.   Neighbors say they knew each other, they were friends and he just lived at the end of the block

The last time we were here, several neighbors talked about the victim and their attempts to get him out of the fire–today no one wanted to talk because they said everyone in this neighborhood is related.  They didn’t want to further strain an already tense situation.

As far as details, we really don’t know what led fire officials to charge Wells with the murder of Morris Draughn, all we know is that charge has been leveled.  As for how they made that connection or why we don’t know.  I spoke with an official at the state fire Marshal’s Office who.  Acting Assistant State Fire Marshal Mark Drinkard said they are not talking about those details of the case at this time.  It might seem unusual for the State Fire Marshal to be the lead agency but they said they do occasionally do that if their investigation leads them from a fire to a murder.


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