Woman Attacked by Yellow Jackets

The lawn mower still sits where yellow jackets attacked a woman in her yard. The yellow jackets were still swarming even after paramedics rushed her to the hospital. Neighbors say it was a scary ordeal.

“We ran because we saw the police and ambulance pull up, so we went to see what was going wrong,” says neighbor Carroll Lee.

Neighbors saw Betty Calloway being attacked by the yellow jackets. Calloway’s husband told us off camera he thinks she may have been stung 20-30 times.

“Yellow jackets like that 8 or 9 at time will bite you and come after you,” says Christian Clark.

Yellow jackets are aggressive and defend their nests.

“Yellow jackets go in the ground, they aren’t in a nest you can see, and you never know if you are on a lawn mower and they are going to get you.” says Clark.

“If you can find them, you can attack them and get them before they get you,” says Lee.

Neighbors say after today’s attack, they will be on alert.

“When you live in area with high populations, bees, wasps, hornets, or yellow jackets you can to be prepared for the worst,” says Clark.

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