New York Explosion Hit Close to Home For Gulf Coast Family

“You know. I kind of got ready at that point to come back home to Alabama”, said Sellers Kennington. Her husband, Curtis, is studying in New York to become an Episcopal Priest. They live three blocks from where a bomb went off Saturday in their Chelsea Neighborhood.sellers-with-hubby

28 year old Ahmad Khan Rahami is charged in the blast that injured 29 people.
“It shook the windows in our building. It was a definite like sonic, pow.”
Kennington heard the blast while watching the Auburn football game. At first, she thought it was fireworks.

“I mean it was kind of like one of those, wait. This just happened right where we live right because I mean. There’s always a threat. There’s always a fear but it was more…it kind of didn’t settle until about the next morning in our heads that this really did just happen.”

Then came the task of explaining what happened to her 8 year old son, Grayton, and 5 year old son, Henry.sellers-family
“That was a very difficult thing. Thankfully in our family we are very religious centered family. So we talk about whenever they’re scared about how God keeps them safe and so forth. So we talked about how there are bad people in the world and they do bad things and so..I actually told them. I had to tell them it was a bomb.

Kennington looks forward to moving back to Alabama after her husband graduates this summer, but she’s impressed with how the communities in New York lift each other up and support one another.

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