Man Arrested in Freezer Body Case

Mobile, AL – (WKRG)
Mobile Police made an arrest in the case of a man’s body found in a freezer. William May Senior’s body was found in a freezer in his garage and they believe a family member may have put him there. We really don’t have any information on how or why William May Senior’s body ended up in a garage freezer. Late last night Mobile Police arrested the man they believe has the answers.

This is a video of William May Junior. The 59-year-old man didn’t say much as he was led from police headquarters to Mobile Metro Jail. He’s the victim’s son–as for his charges–right now they don’t know the full extent of them because the body hasn’t thawed so they can’t do an autopsy.

“It could be possibly upgraded depending on the autopsy says. it could be upgraded to murder but at this time we are charging him with abuse of a corpse,” said police spokesman Terence Perkins.

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