Governor Bentley Tours Pipeline Spill

Photo courtesy Colonial Pipeline

The pipeline company working to repair a leak that led to gas shortages and higher prices for drivers across the Southeast says its bypass is complete.
For over a week, more than 360,000 gallons of gasoline have spilled out of a pipeline in Shelby County; that’s just south of Birmingham.
Governor Robert Bentley toured Colonial Pipeline’s Incident Command Center yesterday to see how the company is handling the leak.

“Let me say first how really impressed I am with Colonial,” Governor Robert Bentley said. “They run this operation very much like we have to run a natural disaster. They have everyone in place. They practice this on a regular basis. They are prepared and they have done a very good job of reacting to this particular incident that has happened here in Shelby County.”

The pipeline runs from Houston, Texas to the east coast. The company expects to restart its main gasoline line tomorrow.
A spokesperson for the company says that it will take a few days for the fuel supply chain to fully recover after the line restarts.

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