MPD Waiting On Frozen Body to Thaw


The search for an elderly man has come to an abrupt end.   William May was  found inside a deep freezer in a home near Ladd-Peebles Stadium Thursday.

Police are still waiting for the man’s body to thaw out before they can continue their investigation.

The home is on Wisconsin Avenue in Mobile.  Neighbors we talked with say he was often seen sitting on the porch waving to them, but they had not seen him in a while.


“When I walk to school I seen him in the yard, then I hadn’t seen him in two months,” said Sharell Pettway, neighbor.

“Man it’s been a while, it’s probably been about two months,” said James Williams, who was visiting relatives in the area.

It’s unclear when May died, or how long the body has been in the freezer, but police are investigating it as a homicide.

“At this time we are working on thawing the body out that way we can do an autopsy on the body.  We have to be careful in thawing the body out, and we can only do that in certain stages, at a time,” said Ofer. Terence Perkins, Mobile Police Dept.

The thawing process could take a week or more.  Investigators have yet to take anyone into custody, but they’re currently looking for a man, possibly a relative who lived in the home with May.  We will continue to check back and update you with more information.

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