Heroin Arrests in Baldwin County as Use Continues to Rise

Heroin use on the rise.
Heroin is making a comeback in Baldwin County.

The comeback of a popular drug from the 60’s is being seen more and more in Baldwin County.

“We have seen significant heroin increases along the Eastern Shore,” says Sheriff Hoss Mack. “We’ve had a lot of cases we’ve been making over there.”

It happened again over the weekend in Fairhope. Wanted on outstanding warrants, Allison Spurlock was spotted in a local parking lot and arrested along with Zachary Movelle.


“They found the drugs in the car,” says Fairhope Police Sgt. Craig Sawyer. “They found a small amount of heroin. They found some prescription pills, some prescription opiates and about 17 or 18 syringes used and new syringes.”


Fairhope police have already made half a dozen other heroin arrests so far this year and most if not all of those have come from traffic stops on Highway 181.

“I don’t know any one part of Fairhope where this is a particular problem,” says Sawyer. “All of our encounters have been through traffic stops where people are moving through the area and they are found to have it.”

heroin pills pills-2

The resurgence of heroin is being measured in overdoses. “We expect to see as much as a 30 percent increase in overall overdoses in Baldwin County this year. Not all those overdoses will be opiates but we figure without investigation the significant number of them will be tied to opioids.”

It’s a dangerous dance for addicts. “They are feeding their addiction through street drugs versus prescription pills.” But one authorities are committed to ending.

Fairhope averages 6 to 8 heroin arrests a year. They are currently at seven.

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