GO RUN raises money for cancer research

Rain didn’t keep runners from competing in the GO RUN this morning in support of gynecological oncology. This was the ninth year the race has been held. Funds raised during the event go toward aiding women’s cancer research at the Mitchell Cancer Institute on South Alabama’s campus.

Researchers and clinicians at the USA Mitchell Cancer Institute are working to find new ways to detect gynecologic cancers earlier and to discover new treatments to save lives. About a thousand runners showed up for the 5K and Fun Run raising tens of thousands of dollars for cancer research.

“We’re taught that things below the belt stay below the belt and we don’t discuss it.  And if you look at what we’ve done with breast cancer, every woman out there knows when to get a mammogram.  Every woman out there knows what pink stands for and it’s okay to talk about breast cancer.  We’re trying to blow through the ceiling, if you will, for cancer’s below the belt,” said Dr. Jennifer Scalici, a Gynecologic Oncologist at the Mitchell Cancer Institue.

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