Fairhope Christian Church Marks 120 Years

Fairhope, AL — WKRG

Fairhope’s oldest church marks a milestone. Members of Fairhope Christian Church marked their 120th anniversary. They unveiled a historic marker as part of a day-long celebration.

The church was founded in 1896. This is shortly after the founding of Fairhope. Big anniversaries like this are a reminder everything that happened in the past led this church and its members to this day.

“It shows some staying power it shows God’s presence in this community using us to help spread the Word,” said Fairhope Christian Church Pastor Rick Malugani. Spreading the Word was one goal in Saturday’s short unveiling.

“We need to be caring and respectful and that Christian values bell we need to ring that louder than ever,” said Fairhope Mayor Tim Kant. Some church members dressed in garb from the era. Rochelle McKee is the longest continuous member.

“We give a lot to the community we welcome everybody that comes in,” said McKee. Church members spent the day commemorating the anniversary.

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