MPD Watching Out for Burglar Teams


Online videos of brazen car burglaries make it look simple and easy.  There’s even a music video of a man breaking into cars while bragging about it.

“I became addicted to the burglarizing it was a high,” said Charles Collier, a man who’s been convicted of past burglaries.

So, one of the struggles for police is to keep seasoned thieves off the streets.

“Property crimes you don’t get too much time, jail time or prison time,” said Lt. Paul Maynard, Mobile Police Dept.

In the past few years, police have seen groups of individuals work together to clean out a neighborhood quickly. The items then make their way online for sell, or in some cases pawn shops.

“A lot of them are juveniles, so they go to Strickland get a slap on the wrist, out and do it again,” said Maynard.

But, again, police say the majority of cars broken into, are unlocked.

“One of the more current things that we found is the new keyless entry fobs with just a push button start they’re leaving the key fobs in the consoles of the cars,” added Maynard.

It seems like a losing battle, but police say keeping cars locked and free of possessions could make them harder targets.

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