Suspect Attempts Suicide After Authorities Execute Search Warrant in ‘Garbage Can Murder’


The gruesome discovery of a body found in a garbage can Wednesday made friends and family of Travis Barnhill worry that it could be their missing loved one.  They’ve been searching for him since the start of September.  But after it was confirmed the body had some of Barnhill’s tattoos, they now believe it is him.

“I hope they find out who did it,” said Rose Ann Hammick, a friend at the scene yesterday.

The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office have been quickly following up on leads since the discovery.

“We can say the victim yesterday died of a gunshot wound to the head,” said Captain Paul Burch, Mobile County Sheriff’s Office.

And one of their leads has helped them narrow down a suspect, Cory Miller in Semmes.


“Again can’t talk about what evidence was recovered during the search warrant but there was evidence that we believe a crime was committed there at that place.”

Investigators searched Miller’s home on Lake Haven Drive this Thursday morning and along with the evidence, they discovered something was missing.

“Most homes have a trash can to dispose of waste, however during the search warrant there was no trash can located,” said Burch.

But before they could question Cory Miller, investigators say he attempted suicide by drug overdose.  He’s been taken to a local hospital.

“We are certainly want to speak with Cory Miller and hopefully he’ll regain consciousness,” said Burch.

Captain Burch says the office is still looking to interview more people and searching for two cars.

At earlier point this Thursday, the office was looking for Loren Carter, another resident of the home.  She was located and questioned.  Burch says she was never a suspect, and they’ve let her go.



Authorities say a suspect connected to the murder of a man found stuffed in a garbage can in Wilmer is in a coma after a suicide attempt.

Loren Carter and Cory Miller.
Loren Carter and Cory Miller.

Detectives executed a search warrant at the home of Cory Miller on Lake Haven Drive on Thursday morning. During the search, detectives said they discovered evidence connecting Miller to the homicide in Wilmer, but Miller attempted suicide before he could be questioned. Miller is currently in a coma at a local hospital.

Deputies also questioned Loren Carter, who was living with Miller, about the homicide.  She was released after detectives concluded she had no role in the murder.

As we’ve reported, a body was found wrapped in a carpet inside a garbage can by a property owner on Cemetery Road on Wednesday morning.

Family confirms to News 5 the body was that of Travis Barnhill.

Travis Barnhill
Travis Barnhill

More on this story tonight on News 5.


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