Shots Fired At A Pensacola Fast Food Restaurant

Chaos at a fast food restaurant, family members ran to the scene and more than a dozen bullets fired into a black Pontiac.

According to Sheriff David Morgan, the situation started at the What-A-Burger parking lot on Pensacola Blvd. and ended at the Burger King on Brent Lane.

“There was an exchange of gun fire, the story that we have right now, is that an individual was going to make a purchase of one of those items, and then decided that it would be cheaper to rip them off so out came the guns, people scattered gun shots began in a crowded place, it moved from down there to here,” says Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan.

People who frequent this busy shopping plaza are concerned.

“I just know the county police always at that light, watching the traffic, and it’s just strange that someone would pull up and start shooting,” says Escambia county resident Daniel Jones.

“It’s really concerning, not just only what occurred here, but everyone else who lives here and visits here as well as myself,” says Escambia county resident Fernando Rivera.

The shooting also concerns law enforcement.

“When we have people in our community who are willing to exchange gun fire, in a public place, near a school, near a busy intersection, these are people who shouldn’t be living amongst us,” says Sheriff David Morgan.

According to her mother, Shaquavia Sheard was hit with glass from the shattered window, she’s lucky to be alive. Her mom says this violence is out of control.

“However or whatever, happened, somebody need to get down to this, all these guns and stuff somebody, got to do something,” says Sheranda Sheard.

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