Clinton’s Health Issues Could Be A Boom Or A Bust For Her Campaign


GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump was just here on the gulf coast two days ago and he had the ears of 10,000 people when he attacked his opponent, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

“She’s all talk, she’s no action,” says Trump.

Another piece of ammunition the GOP may have is Hillary’s health. Here in video shot Sunday, she is seen stumbling and almost collapsing after leaving the 9/11 anniversary ceremony early yesterday.

“I don’t know if it really affects her campaign,” says Gray.

Political analyst Jon Gray says all this finger pointing is just what politicians do. He says if anything, it might benefit the Democratic Party.

“And now all of a sudden we’ve made a big deal out of it, we’ve drawn attention to it and it turns out to be pneumonia. And the reason she is getting sicker is because she won’t quit working. That’s a pretty strong argument for Hillary Clinton. She’s sick, she won’t stop working, she’s not taking care of herself because she’s out there fighting for voters like you,” says Gray.

It could also benefit the DNC if it turns out that Clinton has a more serious condition, like Parkinson’s. She could end up being a powerful voice for all those suffering from the disease, thus boosting her electability.

For Terry Lathan, Chairwoman of the Alabama Republican Party, the health of any candidate is important.

“Yeah, of course it would be. I mean we’re talking about the most powerful position in the world. My problem with the health issue is the story keeps changing. And we just cannot get a straight story. And that is indicative of her pattern,” says Lathan.

However, with both candidates in their 70’s, health could be an issue regardless.

“Donald Trump may well fall tomorrow and end up with a pacemaker or with a problem and I don’t want someone on the other side to turn this argument around and say ‘oh, because someone has a health problem, they are unfit’,” says Gray.

He says health isn’t the biggest factor here. And after all, we did once elect a president in a wheelchair.

“Whether or not Hillary Clinton is sick or Donald Trump is sick or whether there’s some medical problems there, I think they need to be honest, I think they need to shoot straight with the American people, but I don’t think that disqualifies them from office because Lord knows, we’ve had some sick presidents,” says Gray.

Gray says you see the candidates constantly pointing fingers at each other because they don’t want to talk about the issues, so this provides more or less a soap opera for the American people until November 8th.

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