Two Years After Hiawayi Robinson’s Murder, Efforts to Create Memorial Finally Taking Shape

Days after Hiawatha Robinson was found guilty of murdering his 8-year-old daughter Hiawayi, the people who live just blocks away from the scene of the crime have mixed feelings about the verdict.

“Conflicted. That’s a good word to describe it,” said one resident.
“I never thought he did it,” resident Burton Rowser said about Hiawatha. “To me, it was just a lot of circumstantial evidence, but I don’t know. I don’t know whether he was guilty or innocent.”
“I’m kind of mixed up on it. Some of the time it looked like he’s guilty,  and some of the time it does not,” resident Abraham Smith said. “It just leaves me wondering and I worry about them not having the evidence they, at one time, said that they had.”

The site where Hiawayi’s body was found is littered with tattered stuffed animals still left over from the two-year-old makeshift memorial, and the weeds have grown higher than the faded white cross that marks the spot. Many had given up hope that the city would ever build a memorial or transform the area as they had discussed, but Mayor Troy Ephriam says a big transformation is just weeks away.

“Just three months ago, the city council and I got together and approved the Whistler  Historic Bike Trail,” Ephriam said. “It was our intent to establish the trail not only as a community enhancement but one of the first things we wanted to do was establish a memorial along that trail. So, we’re going to commit to do that.”

Ephriam said they plan to break ground in two weeks and start construction in October. He said the city will only front roughly $100,000 for the trail with grant money providing the more than $700,000 remaining cost.

You can read more about the plans for the bike trail HERE: whistler-bike-trail-11-6-14

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