Commissioning USS Montgomery

Mobile, AL  —  WKRG

Cannon blasts, bells, and patriotism were some of the sights and sounds of the commissioning of the USS Montgomery. Mary Blackshear Sessions is the wife of US Senator Jeff Sessions and a Montgomery native. She is the ship’s sponsor and tasked with uttering the traditional phrase to close the ceremony.

“Officers and crew of the USS Montgomery man our ship and bring her to life,” said Mrs. Sessions. It was also a chance to pause to remember the 15th anniversary of 9/11.

“This ship will stand as an example to the world the might and the strength and the resolve of the United States of America to not let 911 stand,” said Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange. Congressman Bradley Byrne and Senator Jeff Sessions were also on hand imploring Congress and the Pentagon to continue fulfilling the contracts on future ships.

“I’m for these ships because these ships are critical to carrying out the mission of the united states navy the United States Navy deters force and deters aggression against our nation,” said Congressman Bradley Byrne.

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