Mother Discusses Son’s Suicide

In her Daphne home, Lydia Barber proudly displays pictures of her three sons.
“I have three beautiful boys”, said Barber referring to them in the present tense. However, her eldest son, is no longer with us. At 19 years old, he silenced his own voice.

“They said do you have a son, Allen Matthew Barber who attends Montevallo? And, I said I do…and they told me..they said he was found this morning in a park with a self- inflicted gunshot wound to the head”.out-of-darkness2

6 years later, she clings to images that capture his smile, but looking back she’s able to identify some signs of depression.

“I do think sometimes, wow…if he had just come to know”.out-of-darkness-5

Looking for answers to why Allen killed himself, Barber teamed up with the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention. She became an organizer for The Out of The Darkness Walk in Daphne. The community comes together to raise suicide awareness and show support for those affected by suicide.

Barber realizes she will never know why Allen took his own life, but she has a better understanding of what may lead people to make such a devastating decision.

“People who are depressed, they’re in like a dark black hole. And they’re so deep in’s so hard to see their loved ones and anyone who cares for them and the good things. All they see is darkness, and I want people to know that there is light….out of that darkness”.out-of-darkness-3

According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, there is no single cause to suicide. It usually happens when stressors exceed coping abilities of someone suffering from a mental health condition.

Sometimes there are no warning signs, but, often times there are. To learn more about what to look for, go to Https://

The Out of The Darkness Walk Event in Daphne is October 16, 2016 from 1pm to 4pm at City Hall.

To register go to or email Lydia Barber at for more information.

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