Mayor’s Race Recount Complete in Daphne

John Lake
John Lake petitioned for a recount and got it.

Three hours and almost 900 ballots later, the recount of votes in the Daphne mayor’s race is over. The results are the same.


“The recount says it was 527 for Mr. Hagood, 315 for me,” says challenger John Lake. He had petitioned for the recount over what he felt were discrepancies in the results from the district two box. “The whole reason we wanted to have this was to protect the integrity of the voting system for people. If we lose trust in that system, then we lose trust in democracy.”


The Daphne recount was one of four in the state after the August 23rd elections. “Out of around 305 municipal elections, that’s pretty good.” Attorney Brent Beal with the Secretary of State’s Office observed the Daphne recount.
“It was important for us to come out and do this because we want people to have faith in the process and faith in the machines that they’re using to be accurate. So, there was no deviation at all in four recounts in those four cities. No deviation here.”

img_0335 img_0336

The recount cost Lake just over 36 hundred dollars. That’s money he says buys him peace of mind. “It should buy the citizens peace of mind if the votes are properly handled in the future.”

Lake gave up his city council seat of 24 years to run for mayor. He says he will remain active in the Daphne community.

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