Carboard City Event Raising Awareness For Homelessness

The 11th annual Cardboard City event aimed at raising awareness for homelessness will be held Saturday, Oct. 22 at the Alabama School of Math and Science. Members of the community plan to sleep outside in a box or car in support of the cause. The event supports Family Promise of Coastal Alabama, Inc.

The event will start at 4p.m. at the Alabama School of Math and Science soccer field at the corner of Ann and Dauphin Streets. Those who choose to stay overnight will pay “rent” to sleep in their personalized box or vehicle. Visitors who can not stay the night are encouraged to attend to learn more about how the Family Promise organization changes lives.

“We strive to provide safe temporary shelter to homeless families with children. But our goal is to assist families with breaking the cyclical patterns that return them to the shelter system time and again. We want to see that children learn a different way of life,” says Mona Bienville Williams, Carboard City committee member.

For more information about the event, contact Diane McCaskey at 251-441-1991 or email

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