AL Governor Signs BP Settlement Bill; What That Means for Gulf Coast Roads

After days of heated debate, the Alabama legislature passed the BP settlement bill and Governor Robert Bentley signed it into law the very next day.

The bill divides up the BP settlement money, sending $120 million to Medicaid over two years, $400 million to paying off debt, and $120 million to the Gulf Coast for road projects in Mobile and Baldwin Counties.

Mobile Senator Rusty Glover said the money isn’t enough for them to completely pay for the long over-do Highway 98 extension project, but they have a plan.

“$65 million of state money will go to the highway 98 project and with the combination of that and federal dollars, we should be able to get it pretty close to finished, and we’re very excited out here in West Mobile,” Glover said.

Across the bay in Baldwin County, Senator Trip Pittman says they plan to use the remaining $55 million of the settlement to expand Highway 181 in Daphne, Highway 31 in Spanish Fort, and Highway180, better known as Canal Road.

“We’ll be talking with ALDOT to see what matching money they have. We’ll be talking with the local delegations and engineers and local cities to see what they can do and see if they can leverage that $55 million and get as much money as we can so we can try to complete all those projects in Baldwin County,” Pittman said.



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