Student Arrested For Pointing Gun at Another Student

A middle school student has been arrested, accused of pointing a gun at the head of another child.

It happened on a school bus Tuesday afternoon. The students are sixth-graders from Scarborough Middle School.

“He felt something cold on the back of his head and he thought it was scissors and they were going to cut his hair, turns out it was a revolver to the back of his head,” said Ashley Edmond, the parent of the victim.

Officials say the student got the gun from another student, who took it from an unknowing grandparent. Both of those students have been suspended and recommended for expulsion.

Fortunately, the gun was unloaded.

“It came out of the book bag on the bus, it was played around with. Thank heavens it was not loaded and it was dealt with,” said Mobile County Public Schools Superintendent Martha Peek.

Only the student who pointed the gun was arrested. He was taken to Strickland Youth Center and charged with menacing.

Edmond says she is in the process of transferring her son to another school.

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