ITT Tech Fallout: Here’s what to do now

ITT Tech.

This morning, News 5 told you the steps to take if you are a student at ITT Tech. There is a process you need to get started on as soon as you can.

  1. Students can transfer their ITT credits to a new school, however, it’s up to each school if they will accept the credits. USA, Faulkner State and Bishop State do not generally accept ITT Tech credits because ITT Tech was not regionally accredited. USA spokesman Bob Lowry told News 5 that any ITT Tech student looking to attend USA instead could contact the registrar and that USA would work with them to the best of their ability.
  2. If ITT students don’t transfer their credits, they will likely be eligible for discharge of their student loans. Students will need their academic and financial records to apply. Contact the state licensing agency here for more information on how to get your transcripts and records. Prior to closing, ITT Tech is legally required to make accommodations for access of your academic records indefinitely.
  3. Direct Loans, Federal Family Education Loan Program loans or Federal Perkins Loans can be discharged. If your loan discharge is approved, the U.S. Department of Education may be required to refund all or some of the payments a student made on their loan, as well as forgiveness of future payments. Students should contact their loan provider for specific information and explain that they attended ITT Tech.
  4. If a person is in default on their student loans at the time of the school’s closure, the discharge may erase the default status. If a person doesn’t have any other loans in default, they will retain eligibility for federal student aid.
  5. Students can appeal if their application for loan dismissal is denied. There is more information about that here.
  6. An estimated 35,000 veterans attend ITT Tech– and they will be covered under the same provisions related to loan discharge; however, veterans cannot be credited for the months of eligibility under the G.I. Bill already used while at ITT.
  7. Students who received a loan through a private institution to pay for school should contact their lender about options immediately.
  8. Past students who have graduated or dropped out, can file claims to get their federal loans forgiven.
    This list was composed by the Department of Education with added information from and News 5.

Earlier this morning we learned that there will be webinars hosted by the Department of Education to help guide students.

National Webinar for ITT Technical Institute Students
Date: Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2016
10 a.m., 12 noon, and 2 p.m. Eastern time

Webinar link: (To participate in the webinar, click on the webinar link, or copy and paste the URL into your browser’s address bar.)

Note: The webinar “room” will open 30 minutes prior to the start of the presentation. Once the room opens, participants will see an introductory slide with the technical specifications needed to participate, information on accommodations for the hearing impaired, and directions for how to ask questions using the online chat feature.

If you want to participate via your mobile device, you’ll need to download a mobile app before the webinar.

The webinar will be recorded and archived for future use and reference.

As additional webinars are scheduled, that schedule will be posted on under the announcements tab. 

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