Carolyn Hood Pleads Not Guilty to Capital Murder Charge

Carolyn Hood

79-year-old Carolyn Hood pleaded not guilty to capital murder charges Wednesday afternoon.


Last month a grand jury indicted her for her alleged role in the murder and dismemberment of her husband Kenneth Hood two years ago in Foley.


District Attorney Hallie Dixon says she will not seek the death penalty but they will prosecute.  “Regardless of your age, regardless of your relationship to a victim or how pitiful you may want to appear, if you participate in helping murder somebody then you face consequences.”


Defense attorney Jeremiah Giles says his client was only indicted to bolster the case against her son, William Minton, who also faces capital murder charges in the death of Mr. Hood.  “I think what we see here is she is a pawn in basically a game of chess being played by the District Attorney’s office.  I think that they realize that the case against her son could not proceed as it was.”


The judge set a December 5th trial date. Hood was released from the Baldwin County jail on a signature bond and has returned to a Montgomery nursing home where she resides.

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