Apple Unveils iPhone 7, CEO Tim Cook Gives Alabama a “Sweet Home” Shoutout

Aiming to reignite excitement about iPhones after seeing sales decline for the first time, Apple executives took the stage at San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium on Wednesday to unveil the company’s latest generation of devices.

But before we get to the tech, we can’t help but share this funny kick-off video to the event:

The most highly anticipated launch of the day was the new iPhone 7, which will cost the same as the iPhone 6s at $649. Customers can pre-order the iPhone 7 and larger iPhone 7 Plus starting Sept. 9, and phones will ship Sept. 16.

The new model is the first water-resistant iPhone. It comes with stereo speakers and has a longer battery life than any previous model. Specifically, Apple said iPhone 7 users can browse on Wi-Fi for 14 hours straight, while iPhone 7 Plus users should get 15 hours of browsing time. On average, the iPhone 7 lasts two more hours than the iPhone 6S, the company said.

In a massive shift — celebrated by some and dreaded by others — the new iPhone 7 will do away with the headphone jack as we know it. Instead, Apple is including an adapter for older headphones to be plugged into the Lightning port. New wireless earbuds called AirPods — a leap towards a “wireless future,” the company said — will hit the market in October for $159.

In another move long anticipated by industry insiders, the iPhone 7 Plus will have two camera lenses with the capacity to zoom without losing resolution — mimicking a professional telephoto lens. The phone’s camera includes an optical image stabilizer, a wider lens, an all-new flash that can recognize artificial lighting, video stabilization, wide color capture, and a high-speed sensor.

The iPhone 7’s new chip, which Apple called a “rocket ship,” boosts its processing performance to 120 times that of the original iPhone, the company said.

The phone comes in two new shades of black: one is simply called “Black” and the other, featuring a glossy finish, is called “Jet Black.”

Storage options are changing, too: the new iPhone starts with a more generous 32GB, up from 16GB. (128GB and 256GB options will also be available.)

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