A Service of Heartache and Hope for Loxley Pastor

Loxley, AL  —  WKRG

Remembrances continue to pour in for a Loxley pastor killed in an accident. Today was the first church service at Loxley Church since the death of Pastor Herman Knapp in an ATV accident Friday. It was a service of hope following heartache.

“Oh I know we’re hurting especially [the pastor’s wife] and those two kids they’re hurting, you’ve got to somehow think of the supernatural, not just the natural, he is rejoicing,” said Choir Director Mike Middleton talking to the congregation between songs. It was a service of hugs–and handholding as the congregation was reminded–however hard it is–that the pastor is in a better place.

“We are the dream Herman woke up from, he is in the reality, he is more alive than we are!” cheered Bishop Wayne Brewer. “He’s alive and well!” In between the tears, there were moments of thunderous applause.

“It’s the faith that Jesus will never leave us, will never forsake us and if you keep your eyes on Jesus we’re going to worship side by side with Pastor Herman,” said Pastor Ory Hampton.
Members say the man known simply as Pastor Herman taught his flock how to minister to the community and this service was a reminder they to carry on that work.

“We’re his works because he put his life in us, he put his love into us he cried over us, he prayed over you, he loved you,” said Bishop Brewer. Many acknowledged the number one question on Sunday morning was ‘what are we going to do now?’

“If we could make Pastor Herman proud doing anything, it’s to keep doing what we know to do,” said Pastor Hampton. Members also promised to support the pastor’s wife and two children in whatever needs they might have. Funeral arrangements for Pastor Herman Knapp were announced. A viewing will be this Tuesday at the church from 11:30 am – 2 pm. A memorial service will be Tuesday afternoon at 2 pm at Loxley church on Highway 59.

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