Dogs get new Homes after Louisiana floods

It’s been more than two weeks since the Louisiana floods and just as there are still people that need new homes, there are dogs that need news homes too.

ARF, (Animal Rescue Foundation), is a Mobile animal shelter.  They held a pet adoption to find new homes for dogs that were moved from shelters affected by the Louisiana floods.  Dogs of different ages and breeds were available for adoption.  The shelter is hoping to re-home several animals over the next few weeks.  You might be wondering if these are the dogs that were rescued from the flood waters.  ARF said they were not.

“What we did was say, ‘Send us any dogs that you already have so that you have room for the ones that they’re plucking them out of the water and stuff.’,” said Ali Rellinger, President of ARF.  “They had a lot of dogs that they knew were strays that didn’t have homes.  And we wanted to help them clear out space for all these dogs that were coming in and who know if they had homes or not.”

ARF will hold more adoptions through the next few weekends at area Petsmarts.  You can also stop by the shelter to see some of the dogs.

Here is the link for ARF’s website…

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