Fall Planting

Get out the seeds, seedlings, flats, and shovels—it planting time on the Gulf Coast!  If you’re like me, you probably thought this sort of this was mostly done in spring, but gardening expert Bill Finch says he plants more things in fall than any other time of year.

When the spider lilies bloom, that’s a sign that fall planting should begin.  Bill calls them “hurricane lilies” because they herald the transition from daily summer thunderstorms to a time of year when most of our rain comes from tropical systems.  Don’t worry, most days we don’t have tropical weather. In fact, this is our driest time of year.

Bill has cleaned out the weeds, vines, and roots, and is ready to plant.  Mexican sunflower, marigolds (yes, they’re a fall flower!), foxgloves, nasturtiums, hollyhocks and many more beautiful flowers look forward to this time of year, and can be grown from seed.

And it’s not just flowers, Bill says broccoli and lots of other vegetables should be planted now…but we’ll deal with that in another show.

In fall, flowers peak as the coolness comes on and dryness keeps disease down.  Oh, and the lower light makes everything more beautiful.

Want to learn more about fall planting? Call Bill’s radio show Sunday mornings from 9-11 on 106.5FM or email plaingardening@yahoo.com.

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