Hermine Affecting Surf Along Baldwin Co. Beaches

Gulf State Park Pavilion beach
Rough surf, rain and wind in the wake of Hurricane Hermine.

“Wow, these waves are awesome,” says Kimberly Trantham who had no idea a tropical system was in the gulf. She is on vacation in Gulf Shores and is enjoying the show Hurricane Hermine is offering those along the Alabama coast.

FullSizeRender (1)

She’s not alone. Down the coast to Orange Beach, the high surf attracted a few surfers and a lot of sightseers. “This is a sight we haven’t ever seen before,” said William Abbott visiting from Kentucky. “We’ve always heard about the waves and stuff with a hurricane but we’ve never seen anything like this.”


It may be impressive to watch but one casualty of the high surf, Alabama’s sea turtle nests. Many of them very close to hatching were swallowed up by the waves. “We kind of have a personal relationship with every nest because we’ve been there from the beginning,” says turtle volunteer Suzanne Pindley, “and so it’s very devastating to see them washing over with water.”


As hurricane Hermine moves away from the Alabama coast, “this is the place to be right now. I wouldn’t want to be in Florida,” a sigh of relief as the weekend approaches.

FullSizeRender (3)

Red flags continue to fly along the coast and most likely will continue to fly through the weekend.

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