Hermine Churning Up Surf Along Baldwin County Beaches

Red flags along Baldwin County beaches
Rough surf and strong rip currents the result of TS Hermine.

This may not have been the best day for your first trip to the beach this summer.

With the danger of a direct hit by “Hermine” out of the equation, “Before it comes we try to go to the beach,” Rennie Flores and his family headed to Orange Beach.
“Every time I go to the beach it’s always calm, it’s always low tide,” says 11-year-old Kim Flores. “I’ve never seen it like this.”


Higher than normal waves are impressive but the real danger is under the water according to Orange Beach Lifeguard Melvin Sheppard. “The current that moves east or west down the beach is going to pull you into a feeder for a rip current. So, people really need to be careful and use a lot of common sense.”

Red flags are flying and the timing of this storm, couldn’t be worse. It’s the end of the season and most lifeguard towers are empty. “We lost a lot of our staff going back to college or other jobs because it’s winding down. So this weekend we hope to have around five lifeguards still trying to cover the same area just with fewer people.”

FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender

Waves are crashing at around four feet now but that should change over the next 24 hours.

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