Speed Caps Proposed for 18 Wheelers To Reduce Fatalities


When you see a big rig barreling down the road behind you, it can be pretty scary.

“They can be dangerous if they’re going too fast,” says Ronnie Douglas.

Truck drivers we talked to admit—there are a few truck drivers who don’t exactly drive the way they should. The US wants to put those drivers to task by mandating that every truck or vehicle over 26,000 pounds should have what’s called a governor, which limits how fast they can drive. Many trucks already have the technology, but not all.

“Most trucks are set at 65 which is ridiculous because you can’t get out of the way,” says Mike Parker.

Mike Parker drove a big rig for 33 years.

“But at night on open highway, I don’t see no reason why you can’t run 70-75 miles an hour when we used to all do that,” says Parker.

Lawmakers aren’t sure yet if they want them set at 60, 65 or 68 miles an hour.

Officials believe this mandate would reduce the over 1,100 fatalities involving big trucks every year.

But some truck drivers say big trucks aren’t always at fault.

“Most of the problems are with the smaller cars cutting off the trucks,” says Lawrence King.

“People are on the phones all the time, all the time,” says Parker.

Kevin Wood is a sales manager with Empire Truck Sales and isn’t too sure about the mandate.

“I don’t think it’s going to make a big difference. Every life is important, obviously but I don’t know that it’s going to cut back a lot of what they’re right now to adhere that,” says Wood.

Wood says there are many safety features already on a truck that many don’t know about. Tune into News 5 on Sunday where we will have an in-depth look at those.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will wait for the public’s input on the speed caps before anything is final.

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