MAWSS Announces September Flushing Schedule

Mobile Area Water & Sewer System will be flushing fire hydrants in the Toulminville, Crichton and Springhill areas starting in September. The hydrants will be opened to allow water to flow freely for a short period of time.

The purpose of flushing the hydrants is to maintain the water quality by cleaning out sediment that builds up normally in water mains. Right after water is flushed, it may appear milky or discolored. Let the water run for a few minutes till it is clear before using it. Do not do your laundry until your water is clear to avoid staining your clothing.

The following locations are scheduled to be flushed:

Moffett Rd. (West of I-65), Trinity Gardens, Crichton, Summerville, Toulminville, Dauphin St. (West of I-65), Airport Blvd. (West of I-65), Springhill Ave., Mobile St., Old Shell Rd. (West of Florida Street)

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