Lottery Bill Officially Dead in Alabama Special Session, Could Return in Future

Alabama is one of six states without a state lottery in the United States.

MONTGOMERY, AL (WKRG) — The effort to bring a state lottery to Alabama has died in the state legislature, at least for now.

Senator Jim McClendon (R-Shelby) confirms to News 5’s Emily DeVoe that the bill that cleared the House of Representatives will not pass through the Senate, effectively killing the legislation for this special session.

McClendon did say the hope for a state lottery could be revisited in a future session.

In a surprising twist on Thursday night, representatives voted 64-35 for the bill, barely clearing the 63 votes required to clear the 105-seat House. The late night vote came after 10 hours of contentious debate and two vote attempts.

Supporters cheered as House Speaker Mac McCutcheon announced the lottery bill’s success, setting it up for a run in the state senate.

Bentley is seeking the first statewide vote on a lottery since 1999. The Republican governor proposed a lottery as a means to provide money to the state’s cash-strapped Medicaid program. Alabama is one of six states without a state lottery.

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