Downtown Improvement Board Seeking New Director

Do you have a passion for Downtown Improvement? Your next job could be here!


In the past decade, restaurants, bars, art galleries and boutiques have popped up on Palafox Street in Downtown Pensacola.  It’s progress the Downtown Improvement Board has worked hard to achieve and now needs some help with.  A board member discussed the search for a new director, and what they’re looking for in the candidate.

Downtown Pensacola is bustling.  There’s people in and out of businesses, hanging out, and having lunch.  It’s not like it used to be.

“The goal was kind of to end urban blight, create a safe clean environment for businesses to flourish,” said John Peacock, the Chairman of the Downtown Improvement Board.

Al Fresco, the food truck area at the corner of Palafox and Main, opened in 2013.  They aren’t very old, but even the managing partner there has noticed changes.

“The growth that’s occurred downtown has just been tremendous,” said Son Nguyen, managing partner.  “It’s taken a lot of people with some vision and some guts to do it and I’m really glad that they have.”

One member of the DIB is passing the torch.  Executive Director Ron Butlin is resigning for family health reasons.  The search for his replacement has begun.

“We need someone who’s pretty enthusiastic, someone who loves downtown pensacola and sees the vision and opportunity that’s here in front of us,” said Peacock.  “It’s amazing what we can do with this 44 block area that will help grow the entire city of Pensacola.”

There are four blocks of Palafox in particular that are booming, but the DIB isn’t finished there.  In fact, they’re thinking much bigger.

“We’re developing a beautification plan to really make downtown pop,” Peacock began.  “We’re developing a parking strategy to kind of enhance and make the parking availability downtown and would make it easier for people to park here and encourage businesses to flourish, and we need somebody and were gonna find somebody to help us advance those causes.”

Ron Butlin’s last day is September 30th.  If you’re interested in applying, send an email with your resume and cover letter over to

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